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Helmut Brunner, CEO of Vation Technology GmbH, Augsburg Helmut Brunner is founder and managing director / CEO of Vation Technology GmbH.

For over 20 years Helmut Brunner has worked as consultant, managing director and contractor for international IT consulting companies. He was also responsible in a number of other management functions from director consulting and practice leader for telecommunication, infrastructure and outsourcing at META Group, as well as member of the board for Questos AG to chief executive officer and managing partner for Comlive GmbH. Previous to this, Mr. Brunner spent many years working as a senior international consultant for Motorola, Wang, and in similar functions for various other leading large enterprise corporations.

At Vation Technology Mr. Brunner is heavily involved in the day to day business operations, he is also working on advising clients in the popular topic areas of risk management, with projects focussed on IT strategy and architecture as well as IT infrastructure, benchmarks, network integration, telecommunications and IT security. In addition to this, Mr. Brunner offers professional assistance in the areas of vendor strategies, due diligence and CxO coachings.

The philosophy formulated by Helmut Brunner for Vation Technology is simple and clear: "We are obliged to provide our clients with only the very best results. Vation Technology only has this one option, no other."

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