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An efficient corporate data center organization should be run under the following maxim:

Architecting and running the organisation for agility

Under this heading Vation Technology understands the alignment of the data center as necessarily adhering to the following rules:

  • The IT responsibilities (projects, resources and priorities) should be oriented at supporting the changing requirements and growth of the individual business units and work to facilitate their development (business alignment)

  • Best Practice approach for the management of complex systems and processes (change, configuration- and asset management)

  • Implementation of new infrastructure architectures and platforms (VoIP, Linux)

  • Integration of web services, web applications and their future influence on IT and business processes

  • Consolidation and standardization of data centers, servers, storage, network landscapes and management systems

  • Adaptive infrastructures

  • Implementation of sourcing strategies

  • Optimization of service level management and integration into contract management systems

  • Evaluation and implementation of sensible outsourcing options

Vation Technology can help you consolidate your data center organisation, helping you overcome some of the associated challenges you face when on the one hand you are introducing new technologies that boost the growth of business, while on the other hand you are forced into making necessary cost reducing adjustments to your business to become more efficient.

"Reduction of IT costs, minimization of business risks, reach information and enterprise security, improvement and stabilization of performance, optimization of processes."

Today, company CIO's are continually confronted with these buzzwords and challenges. Only the question is: "how and with which methods, measures, and control instruments can this be implemented and achieved?"

Goal and lesson for all are:

  • Operating IT is a business
  • Examining IT's financial impact on the organization is essential
  • Building stronger customer relationships (internal and external) is necessary
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