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Today's popular practice of licensing standard corporate and individual software follows no or rather an unchangeable permanent process. Mostly, sales, marketing, production planning, materials and time management and in other areas departments are involved in even less formalized yet mutual processes, where responsibility seamlessly shifts according to stages within the process progress.

The demand for a representative electronic format mapping of all corporate processes in the intranet can be transferred using a GroupWare product, or specialized workflow management system. If properly implemented, these systems allow a relatively easy adjustment to continually changing business processes.

The path from business process to company specific workflow applications is often rocky, because the solutions provided off the shelf, mostly contradict and fail to meet the purpose. Parallel to the dynamics of innovation which is moving technology forward, bringing with it an array of new marketing terminology provided by vendors and suppliers (CRM, ERP, Supply Chain), all vying to "get a piece of the cake", and in doing so making the selection of systems and solutions partners more difficult.

On top of this there is the emergence of a corporate trend of web enabling existing applications by re-engineering them for use in an integrated Internet based platform. As innovative and savvy as these seemingly rudimentary theories may be, they are complex in practical terms and bring with them a series of Security Risks. When the implementation process of such systems is undertaken, careful and appropriate evaluation of all security risks and consequences - including financial pitfalls - must be addressed and planned for. This is of particular importance for all those applications which have been developed to work entirely on the Internet based platform.

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