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In the scope of a multi-tiered due diligence Vation Technology offers you support in the execution of:

  • Drafting and extrapolation of the strategic planning, drafting and evaluation of the business strategy, optimization of business processes and procedures.

  • Constituent parts of the business strategy, such as organization plan, investment- and business plan as well as operational recommendations for presentation to the board of directors.

  • SWOT analyses and WIN-LOSS analyses

  • Support in business dealings in the area of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Coaching and evaluation of post-merger teams

The deployment of the balanced scorecard methodology is applied to some of the individual areas. Special attention is paid to the following essential due diligence phases:

  • Market Due Diligence

    Here, the internally available information is analyzed and mapped to the customer requirements and activities of the competition, with a focus on highlighting the areas relevant to marketing the products.

    The internal corporate analysis serves in the evaluation of the initial strategic situation as well as the target- and strategy verification. The external corporate analysis uses information available about and from the market to look at the critical factors for success and conducts a comprehensive feasibility test.

  • Strategic Due Diligence

    Through strategic due diligence the premises and ethical values which went into the corporate planning are looked at in factual terms. In order to do this, an analysis of the performance/revenues as well as the costs/resources of the company is conducted.

    Of great importance when undertaking M&A projects is to both identify and quantify the synergy potential created through the combination of the buying and bought company, as well as the cost resulting through positive synergy effects associated with the consolidation.

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