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If your task is to change or establish and staff an internal help desk, or you want to outsource the services or want to run your own call center: Vation Technology will help you to find your way in an obscure service provider marketplace. We provide cost effective, useable functionality, as well as complete services specifically tailored to your situation, while offering users optimal, powerful and inexpensive services.

A central user service has always been an integral part of any data processing service center within corporations, helping to ensure that internal IT services are available and optimally functional at all times. With growing complexity of IT installations, the demands on services and internal service providers increase, as do user expectations of extensive services and functionality. Today's IT departments are facing poorer response times, little training resulting in less detailed knowledge of custom configuration and competence in the use of software applications while demands and new responsibilities for logistic tasks and just-in-time commercial services delivery increase, overtaxing IT staff.

The basic function of call management, in other words the collection, prioritization, processing and documentation etc. of client information, are found in almost all leading-edge market systems. When selecting a product it is therefore necessary to focus on the ease of integration with the existing IT environment. Parts of the system which may be affected by the technology integration need to be considered when selecting a product. What integration planning process and demands will be required of the telephone system (CTI, ACD), an existing network management system, but also the inventory, cables and network blueprint documentation, remote control monitoring, etc.?

What Vation Technology can do for you:

  • Draft product requirements specifications for use as basis for an RFP
  • Product comparisons and product selection in accordance with the actual requirements
  • Conduct bidder competitions and selection of an appropriate implementation partner
  • Definition of procedural plans (depending on product)
  • Operations concept
  • Project management
  • Technical acceptance test of the services provided by implementation partner
  • Complete contract management over all services

Our employees are well versed with knowledge from a series of helpdesk and systems management projects conducted for banks, insurance companies, government institutions, IT service providers, industry, retail and telecommunications service providers, among others.

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