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How you take command of your data processing infrastructure

The situation of service provision in the corporate IT sector is challenged by highly decentralized and complexly integrated worldwide networks within the internet.

Vation Technology supports you with the analysis of your situation, as well the development of strategies and concepts with which puts you in control of your IT implementation. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and situation. Whether you are working on or implementing a management framework or with individual products: we will tell you how it works and how to do it.

"Information everywhere" poses very stringent demands not only of the products, technologies and applications, but also of operations and therefore the operators/management of the corporation. The abundance of systems needing administration, at the same time the source of errors, leaves the maintenance of IT installations a time consuming, complex and human resource and moreover financially costly burden. At the same time the increasing demand by users in regards to functionality, performance and availability with decreasing staff teams, broadens the scope of pressure and burden. This seemingly unbearable situation is accompanied by a sustained debate over cost-cutting measures in the areas of information and communications technology on the one hand, and an increasing corporate demand for system security and systems reliability/availability of the data processing infrastructure on the other. A carefully selected and implemented systems management installation can easily fulfill the requirements of all parties. For companies involved in the selection of system management tools the hurdle poses itself in the question of applying the appropriate methodology as well as technology to the situation. Vation Technology offers comprehensive expertise around the implementation or migration of systems management tools.

Today, systems management is understood as an integrated, centralized or de-centralized means of maintaining and controlling all IT systems, applications and data in a corporate network, which may be entirely local or distributed over a number of locations. Differing tools can be of help in supporting functionality and processes that allow for a transparent and manageable operation of all IT systems and applications. Some service providers offer a management framework and other vendors market their specialized know-how which is available in the form of individual products.

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