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Customer Relationship

"Customer Relationship Management", CRM for short, is a modern abbreviation for the classic problem of customer retention. More important than the terminology are the functions that CRM must offer in order to achieve the expected benefits are not being met. The focus is: find customers, win them, keep them, and be in the position to competitively sustain your business.

In order to do this the following question should be asked:

  • How will the priorities of our clients change?
  • Can CRM measures help us reach new client segments?
  • How can we offer our customers and our business added value?

In all discussions around the topic of customer oriented corporations, the human is the central focus of the discussions. Generally, at a certain magnitude of business, the amount of client and product information data collected will require some type of technical processing and organization in the form software. However, the best software is useless, if the corporate processes are not meticulously thought out and developed for working in a customer and service oriented environment.

Vation Technology helps user companies with various services when faced with the task of working on the topic of CRM:

  • Requirements definitions
  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Drafting of a working specification
  • Service provider evaluation
  • Service provider selection (shortlist)
  • Request to tender, request for proposals
  • Service provider selection and decision endorsement
  • complete contract management throughout all services

Our employees are highly skilled with hands on experience from client projects to the theme of customer relationship management, general service, call center,  help desk- and  systems management projects and numerous banks and insurance companies, public authorities, IT service providers, industrial and retail, telecommunications providers and many others.

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